Queens Estate

An oldie from about 3 years ago that I finally fished out for the portfolio. This is the estate for The Godfather: Five Families' Queens neighborhood expansion; the last expansion I ever did for Godfather.


Queens Estate Color Keys

These are some color exporations I did back in 2015 for The Godfather: Five Families' Queens expansion. We decided to go with the green, dusk version since it was so different from anything we'd done before, although the lower right snowy morning version was probably my overall favorite.


Wielders II

Here's some character work I did for the aforementioned cancelled project.

ABOVE: After I did the central character concept, I was asked to do more casual and core versions of it.
BELOW: I was exploring a cartoonier style before we decided to go for a more midcore look. I really liked how these head sketches came out.

ABOVE: Another style exploraton from more realistic-comicky to anime-ish.


Wielders I

These are some environment pieces I did for a cancelled mobile game within the last few months.


Council Advisors

Some advisor portraits for the Council Room feature of Godfather: Five Families. They were based on some of our team members.
NOTE: I only did the portraits in these images, not the background.