Grog & Turrets

I think the biggest challenge of designing buildings is making a structure that is believable as a space that people can move around in and interact with. I give a lot of thought to how characters would interact with the things I design, even if no character in the game will actually interact with them. The turrets below were designed to give space for characters to run up, stand, and interact with the mortars and some of them even have a storage "closet" for ammo.

Below: One of the resources in this game was grog, which was a rum substitute. I believe there were legal reasons why we couldn't make straight alcohol a game resource. The Distillery produces the grog.

Below: The Grog Storage structure was the most straightforward of all the buildings to design. We had to be able to tell how much grog was being stored in it so that meant I either had to make it a huge tank or make it some kind of open structure where barrels could be stored in the open. I also needed to make sure it had at least one animateable element, hence the crane. I added the ramp so a pirate could get up or downstairs easily and roll barrels down. There were no animated characters running around the base but I designed all the buildings as if there would be.


The Pirate's Den [Part II]


The Pirate's Den

These are thumbnail sketches I did for an unreleased pirate game. I redesigned this building several times as the game changed. The Pirate's Den (sometimes known as the Town Hall) was meant to be the center of command for the base the player builds. Through different times in the game, it was a castle-like structure or a tavern.


Fight Test

This is an environment and combat style test I did during early development of a game that didn't get off the ground. We tried out different environment styles from casual to core—this one was toward the core end of the spectrum. Note: the UI was done by another artist.



This is from an unreleased title I worked on at Kabam over a year ago. I was mostly on environment duty but I did get to do a few characters when we were testing styles—this one was my favorite. Brace for the forthcoming deluge of environment art from this project.