Fight Test

This is an environment and combat style test I did during early development of a game that didn't get off the ground. We tried out different environment styles from casual to core—this one was toward the core end of the spectrum. Note: the UI was done by another artist.



This is from an unreleased title I worked on at Kabam over a year ago. I was mostly on environment duty but I did get to do a few characters when we were testing styles—this one was my favorite. Brace for the forthcoming deluge of environment art from this project.


Godfather Redux

A lot has happened since the last post here. For one, I'm much further along in my recovery, though still not 100%. I also left Kabam for RockYou in April although I'm working on games that I worked on a couple years ago at Kabam. RockYou acquired Kingdoms of Camelot, Dragons of Atlantis, Godfather: Five Families, Edgeworld, and Glory of Rome last year and needed people who knew the games well to keep them running.

I wish I had more time these days to go out sketching like I used to be able to do but I have to do a lot of training to improve my back and shoulders and I like to be able to squeeze in personal work when I can. I'm sure I'll share a few things from that project later this year but in the meantime, I have a backlog of work I did at Kabam that I'd like to post.

Here are some Godfather items I painted before I moved over to RockYou.

Above: This was some kind of bribe that had three tiers of effectiveness.

Below: This is an item that grants you a special new council advisor. Before I was put back on Godfather, the team were turning themselves into special council advisors and the latest member to make it into the game was artist Artem Mirskov. He requested that his in-game character be a retired Russian boxer, hence the glove in the box.


Above: Another special advisor item.

Below: An item for the Bonnie & Clyde troops.



Dark District I

So. It's been almost a year since my last update. I'm not sure anyone still visits to see this post but a couple weeks after my last update I was injured in a large hit-and-run car accident. I've spent the last 9+ months recovering and it's only very recently that my back has been well enough to do work outside my job. During this time, I worked on a sci-fi mobile game at Kabam called Dark District for about 6 months. Here's a selection of work from it with more to come later.

I did a broad variety of work for this project: concepts for environment and building designs, 3D models and textures, skybox paintings, and a few promotional images. Below is a skybox for an industrial environment.

Below: There were transport ships that landed on the platform and picked up the resources produced within.


The Godfather: Brooklyn

While updating my portfolio a few weeks ago, I discovered that I never posted any of my work for The Godfather's Brooklyn expansion. I was really dissatisfied with my work on this release when it initially launched but came to like it months later. I did the neighborhood background plate and two racket buildings (Brooklyn Bridge and Greenwood Cemetery). The lower right corner is empty because the user interface covers that area. The factory, firehouse block, and estate were done by other artists. The shoreline is plain so that waves could be animated over it.